About Advanced Energy Works

Advanced Energy Works is a campaign raising the voices and impact of the more than 3 million and growing advanced energy workers in the United States. Advanced energy is the fastest growing sector of the energy industry, yet we remain at a political disadvantage to incumbent energy. By elevating the voices of workers across the advanced energy industry we can level the playing field for advanced energy once and for all. Advanced Energy Works is the grassroots advocacy arm of a coordinated campaign in partnership with Advanced Energy Economy and AEE Institute.


Who do we represent?

Anyone who works in advanced energy, wants to work in advanced energy, or just thinks advanced energy should get a fair shake.


What do we achieve?

Advanced energy job creation, sustained market growth, and the rapid transition to clean, secure and affordable energy.


How do we work?

We focus on directing the power of tens of thousands of advanced energy workers and allies across the country to ensure policies move forward that make America an advanced energy leader.  

We give people easy opportunities to have their voices heard by elected officials when and where it matters. As important decisions come up determining whether advanced energy succeeds or fails, we activate our members to email, call, and show up in person to ask their public officials to do the right thing: protect advanced energy jobs and support our industry.

And, when election season rolls around the corner we make sure voters hold decision makers accountable and elect pro-advanced energy candidates up and down the ballot.


How can you support Advanced Energy Works?

There are 4 ways that you can help right away:

  1. Join our campaign
  2. Take action on key issues
  3. Donate to our cause
  4. Spread the word on social media - Twitter or LinkedIn


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