California Advanced Energy By The Numbers


California’s advanced energy industry employs more than 542,000 workers.


Almost 40% of California’s electricity is produced from renewable sources.

$12.6 Billion

The wind industry has invested more than $12.6 billion in California’s economy and produces almost 7% of the state’s electricity.


California’s energy efficiency programs and policies are ranked #2 in the country.

1.5 million

If California continues its current rate of adoption, it will exceed its goal of putting 1.5 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2025.

More ways to make Advanced Energy work


Gavin Newsom


John Cox

Accelerate progress of energy & climate goals by focusing on implementation


Increase programs that boost economic development and jobs statewide

Modernize the electricity system to focus on consumer needs


Electrify Transportation to decrease emissions and increase air quality & health


Expand Markets for Advanced Energy throughout the western states


To learn more about each of these policies, check out the Advanced Energy Policy Platform.

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