Michigan Advanced Energy By The Numbers


Michigan is ranked #1 in new manufacturing jobs and #3 in new tech jobs due to their intersection in advanced mobility


Michigan is home to nearly 135,000 advanced energy jobs, in sectors such as solar, wind, and energy efficiency.


There has been an 80% price drop for solar energy and a 61% price drop in wind energy since 2009.


In Michigan, nearly 18,000 homes are powered by solar energy, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Michigan currently has 1,904 megawatts of wind energy installed to date.

More ways to make Advanced Energy work


Gretchen Whitmer


Bill Schuette

Build on and expand current policies that promote renewable energy growth

Increase Energy Efficiency and Demand Response to save customers money

Enable businesses to directly purchase renewables for their operations


Expand customers choice to generate their own energy



Electrify Transportation to decrease emissions and increase air quality & health


Modernize the grid to take advantage of the digital economy



To learn more about each of these policies, check out the Advanced Energy Policy Platform.

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