Advanced Energy Works mobilizes those who work in and support advanced energy to promote policies that support millions of jobs, drive billions of dollars in economic development, and make the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable.

From energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, and electric vehicles to wind, solar, hydropower, and more, advanced energy delivers for customers and the economy.

Join the thousands of people across the country who make advanced energy work!


"Developing new technology for renewable energy is so exciting, because I get to work on something that's both important and interesting."

- Joanna Noble, Mechanical Engineer, Natel Energy (CA)


Kate McGinnis


"It's exciting to work in the energy storage area today – I have an opportunity to enable our transformation to a clean, unbreakable, and flexible power grid. I enjoy my work; it's fun creating such future-proof solutions."

- Kate McGinnis, Western US Market Director, Fluence (CA)

Sean Barkley


"I am proud to work in the solar industry. Every day I help make the world, my community, and my neighbors be cleaner and more resilient. I help my clients reduce their household energy expenses and their dependence on traditional fossil-fuel based energy, while increasing their energy independence. Everyone wins."

- Sean Barkley, Commercial Solar Analyst, Sigora Solar (VA)

Dru Steubing


"Today, wind is an integral part of our nation's energy resources. To stand at the base of a fully operational turbine is the ultimate feeling of achievement for our team, the industry, and most importantly, the community."

- Dru Steubing, Director of Project Development, Apex Clean Energy (TX)

We Champion

Good Jobs

3.3 million jobs

Advanced energy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy.


Market Growth

$200 Billion +

Advanced energy is twice the size of the beer industry and equal to pharma manufacturing.



Clean and Secure

Advanced energy technologies ensure our energy system is secure, clean, and affordable.


Good Jobs

Advanced energy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy. With more than 3.3 million workers we represent 20x more workers than the coal industry and three times more workers than the oil, gas, and coal industries combined.


Market Growth

The U.S. advanced energy industry generates $200 billion in revenue, nearly double beer sales, equal to pharmaceutical manufacturing, and approaching wholesale consumer electronics. In communities across America our industry provides a growing tax base benefiting schools, infrastructure and public services.



Advanced energy utilizes diverse resources and offers savings, choice, and control for customers in electric power and transportation – an energy system for the 21st century, and beyond.



Advanced Energy Works is on the march across the country.

We need you to help us make America an advanced energy leader. 

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Save The Ohio
Wind Industry

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Ohio Residents: Legislation was passed in Ohio four years ago that has crippled the expansion of wind power in the state. Take action today to reverse this poor decision and bring OH wind back.


Advanced Energy
Voters Needed

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Take the advanced energy voter pledge today to join thousands of citizens who are calling on candidates, up and down the ballot, to embrace an advanced energy future for their state.


Stop the Trump Coal Bailout

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Our industry is under threat from Trump admin. actions that unfairly favor uncompetitive power plants (primarily coal). Tell your Senators that you support advanced energy and the jobs and economic benefits it provides.