Help Pass the Clean and Healthy School Bus Act for California Children

The Clean and Healthy School Bus Act (AB 2731) will ensure that all new California school bus purchases are electric buses by 2035, helping children breathe easier on their way to school and cleaning up the air in our communities.

The bill makes school transportation healthier for our children and our communities, protects developing lungs, and save schools money. It sets an assertive, statewide goal demonstrating California's leadership on clean, cost effective transportation for schools and will help better position California school districts to secure federal funding to support electric school bus purchases and maximize state resources.

On May 27, this bill passed the State Assembly unopposed with strong bipartisan support. This win shows that supporting clean school buses for our children is common sense. Let's keep up the momentum for this measure by showing the Senate that healthy, safe school transportation is something all Californians can get behind.

The Senate will be making a decisive vote on this legislation over the next few weeks. Fill out the form to the right to send a letter to your California Senator today and urge them to pass AB 2731!



Why Support the Clean and Healthy School Bus Act?

  • Electric school buses have lower lifetime costs than traditional diesel school buses, saving schools thousands of dollars on fuel and maintenance every year.
  • Diesel buses emit harmful pollutants into our neighborhoods, and the air inside them is as much as 10 times worse than the air outside them. This kind of exposure is associated with reduced lung development in children.
  • An AEE Institute/YouGov poll from August 2021 found that 56% of Californians support school bus electrification by 2035, with only 28% opposed.
  • AB 2731 will bolster opportunities for schools to receive competitive federal grants for electric buses from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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Our Supporters

Thank you to the organizations who have signed on to the petition urging California Assemblymembers to support The Clean and Healthy School Bus Act (AB 2731):

Assemblymember Phil Ting
Advanced Energy Economy
Coalition for Clean Air
Los Angeles Business Council
CA Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice
Regional Asthma Management & Prevention
California State PTA

California Environmental Voters
Laura Capps, Board Member of Santa Barbara Unified School District
Central California Asthma Colaborative

Environment California
NextGen Policy
American Lung Association
Center for Climate Change & Health
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Public Health Institute
Climate Health Now