Stop The Trump Coal Bailout

Today, 3.4 million Americans work in advanced energy. These are jobs in energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, fuel cells, solar, and wind among other technologies. 

These American jobs are under attack by a handful of special interests and their allies in Washington, D.C. who want to subsidize uneconomic power plants (primarily coal) and have taxpayers pay for it.

This D.C. energy tax could cost us tens of billions of dollars, letting a few corporations off the hook for their bad investments at our expense. Rather than letting companies compete in the market, President Trump is opening up your wallet to keep these failing companies afloat.

We need your voice today.

  • Complete the form to tell your senators to support legislation that would prohibit the Department of Energy from using taxpayer funds to bailout failing coal companies.

  • You will be able to review and edit the message that will be sent to your senators by email.