Save Ohio Jobs; Reject the Billion-Dollar Bailout

HB6 raises electric rates while threatening Ohio’s advanced energy industry and the jobs of 112,000 people

For years, the legislature has undermined the development of clean energy in Ohio. Now, lobbyists for bankrupt power plant owner FirstEnergy Solutions have got legislative leaders ramming through a bill that would eliminate Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, which have saved consumers money, to bail out FirstEnergy’s money-losing nuclear plants.

They call it a “Clean Air Program,” but it’s really a snow job.

Instead of making energy cleaner, more secure, and more affordable, HB6 will:

Raise electricity rates on all consumers to the tune of $300 million a year, with no end in sight

Hand over nearly $180 million in ratepayer dollars to FirstEnergy Solutions to prop up its bankrupt nuclear plants

Undermine the jobs of 112,000 Ohioans employed by the growing advanced energy industry

As the business voice for advanced energy in Ohio, Ohio Advanced Energy Economy urges the House, Senate, and the Governor to reject this bailout for FirstEnergy Solutions and get to work on a truly comprehensive path to a better energy future for Ohio.