Call on the California Legislature to fund clean transportation programs in the state budget

California has already made history with Governor Newsom announcing that he will require sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. But, California must take additional steps to support the transformation of the transportation sector and reduce carbon emissions, smog pollution, and toxic diesel emissions. This includes investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, providing incentives for purchasing alternative energy vehicles, and expanding no-emissions options for public transportation. Promisingly, Governor Newsom’s latest budget plan proposes $1.5 billion in funding for expanding clean vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure. It is now up to the Legislature to decide whether the state will make good on the promise of pollution-free transportation and jobs by investing in the state’s goals.


Call on California lawmakers to show support in the state budget for the clean transportation transformation! Send an email to targeted California state legislators urging them to keep the proposed $1.5 billion in funding available for expanding clean vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure.