Save Advanced Energy Jobs

Tell your senators to prioritize clean energy in our economic recovery.

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Prior to the onset of COVID-19 almost 3.6 million Americans worked in advanced energy. In 2019, this industry was projected to be one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the U.S. Unfortunately, the pandemic has cost 429,250 jobs between February and December 2020. Advanced energy needs to be a central part of our economic recovery.

As Congress considers economic recovery packages, we’re calling for prioritizing investments in advanced energy. Specifically, we believe an economic package should invest in:

  • Electric grid modernization
  • Restoring and expanding investments in energy efficiency projects and worker training,
  • Supporting the development of advanced energy manufacturing in the United States
  • Accelerating electrification of the transportation sector
  • Deployment of new advanced energy technologies

All of these technologies are fast to market and can put tens of thousands of Americans back to work. We believe that investments in advanced energy should achieve three objectives:

  • Quickly distribute funding to provide immediate economic relief
  • Maximize opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and transition to an advanced energy future through investment in a broad range of technologies
  • Prioritize just and equitable outcomes
Every day that Congress fails to deliver an economic recovery package is an opportunity lost to help our communities. It’s time for Congress to get to work so the advanced energy industry can put America back to work.